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Companies know that even a few minutes of email downtime can halt business, affect sales revenue and jeopardize contracts. With a requirement for maximum uptime, corporate IT departments face the ongoing challenge of providing secure, reliable email service to its employees. At the same time,  the threat of spam and viruses, which clog servers, slow productivity, and potentially cause legal problems, often strain IT departments’ time and resources. To confront these challenges, organizations need a complimentary service to their existing email solution that manages email threats, maintains policy oversight and provides disaster recovery.    


Mail2World’s Failsafe Protection is the answer.  FailSafe Protection is an affordable, hosted email solution that augments your existing email infrastructure and will seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Exchange™, Lotus Notes™ and other email systems to provide a smooth, uninterrupted user experience.  


FailSafe Protection Performs Three Essential Services:

  • Spam and Virus Protection: This comprehensive solution offers a reliable, affordable alternative to either a costly parallel email infrastructure or additional onsite storage servers.


  • Policy Enforcement: Customizable rules allow policy managers to set email message characteristics and block/safe list features that can be controlled by administrators and users.


  • Disaster Recovery: Serving as an always-on backup system, this solution provides guaranteed, 24/7/356 offsite redundancy that guarantees zero downtime during an in-house email system failure.




Failsafe Protection Product Sheet

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