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Mail2World’s Web-based Support Ticketing System is an online “support desk” and live chat solution that we provide to our customers for assistance with common problems. The Support Ticketing System gives customers a feature-rich interface where they can easily submit support requests to the Mail2World Support Team. Other features include:

  1. Ticket support: Customers can report issues using a customized ticket form. Each submitted ticket is directed to the appropriate Mail2World support representative.
  2. Email parsing: When a Mail2World support representative updates the tickets and performs other tasks regarding an open request for support, the user is automatically notified.
  3. Customizable ticket views: Tickets can be assigned specific attributes, such as the name of the support representative assigned to respond to the ticket.
  4. Search: The Support Ticketing System offers a wide range of criteria that can be used to search for a particular ticket.
  5. Ticket flags and labels: Tickets can be flagged and color-coded to allow staff members to easily sort through and prioritize them according to their criteria.


Online Knowledgebase Helps Users Help Themselves

The Mail2World Support Ticketing System includes a convenient Knowledgebase that offers our users information about  the majority of issues they may encounter. Users may save time by searching the Knowledgebase for answers on their own. 


Other Knowledgebase features include:

  1. Quick look-up: Users can search for particular articles using a few related keywords.
  2. Download articles: Users can print articles or download as a PDF.
  3. Categories: Articles in Knowledgebase are placed in separate categories to make topics easier to find by users.
  4. Related articles: Knowledgebase articles also link to related articles.


For more information about Mail2World support, please email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1.888.448.6665.

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