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Mail2World provides all necessary manpower and knowledge for 24/7/365 day-to-day operations, including disaster management and recovery. Since Mail2world fully manages the messaging platform in accordance with a contractual service level agreement (SLA) to guarantee an uptime of 99.995 percent for the messaging service,  your company will be freed from all day-to-day operational responsibility for the underlying system.


Based on observed performance patterns and end-user trends, Mail2World proactively manages and monitors all application server hardware devices and software to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Mail2World’s network and operations teams proactively monitor the status of the operating systems, disk I/O, memory, critical application-layer daemons and processes, and system processes. Each of these entities trigger appropriate notification alarms, should the system detect any abnormal events, errors or exceeded utilization of performance thresholds. In order to provide such coverage, Mail2World may utilize a mixture of on-site and on-call support staff, automated server monitoring and automated paging technology.


Technical Support

Mail2World understands the importance of a knowledgeable technical support team that is responsive to your needs. Timely, correct answers to technical questions and expert troubleshooting are paramount in achieving maximum success with our solutions and services.


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