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Because deskless workers, such as retail salespeople, delivery personnel and factory workers, typically don’t have corporate email, they’re often cut off from the flow of information that drives productivity and synergy within a corporation.  To keep external workers informed, managers are forced to communicate job-related information through personal email or via slower, more costly methods, such as paper memos, faxes and bulletin boards.  These traditional methods are ineffective and lack the immediacy and accuracy needed to ensure delivery of important information.


Mail2World’s Workforce Email is an ideal solution.  Our fully-customizable email platform works with existing corporate email systems to connect enterprise employees with external workers throughout the world.  Workforce Email enhances existing business email systems, such as Microsoft® Exchange, Lotus Notes™, CRM or ERP, giving corporate IT departments a complete communications channel to serve the entire organization.


 Mail2World Web and Mobile Email

  • Full-Customizable to your brand
  • Feature-Rich Web and Mobile Email Solutions
  • Accessible from any Web-Enabled device
  • Highly Secure and Scalable Architecture
  • Seamless Integration, including provisioning, billing and support
  • No Hardware or Software to purchase, install or maintain 

Feature Highlights for Deskless Workers and Regional Executives

  • Shared documents and calendars to effectively disseminate important information throughout the workforce
  • Video email capability to relay “live” corporate messages, promotions, best-practice sessions, etc.
  • Access via any Web browser on a PC or mobile device
  • Employee loyalty and connection to the corporate community 
  • Lower internal costs by eliminating printing and postage expenses


Technology [IT]

  • Hierarchical structure allows administrators to create user groups (e.g., regions, franchise owners) and assign feature preferences based upon their requirements
  • Flexible email architecture enables seamless integration with existing corporate platforms, such as in-house messaging (e.g., Microsoft® Exchange™ and Lotus Notes™), corporate directory, enterprise portal, provisioning systems, CRM, ERP and other applications
  • Low per-user fee makes M2W Workforce affordable for almost any size organization
  • Dynamic, multi-filter spam, virus, bulk-sender and denial-of-service protection to protect employees from unwanted messages


Deskless Workforce Product Sheet

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