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Mail2World's Private-Label Mobile App and Mobile App Plus

With the explosion of the mobile industry, demanding lifestyles have people juggling multiple email accounts and devices in an attempt to stay on top of their business and personal email.   To meet the needs of this on-the-go generation, organizations need a solution that will allow their users to streamline their digital communications, while building user engagement and loyalty. Mail2World’s Mobile App is that solution.


The Mobile App is a fully brandable app that makes reading and sending email across multiple accounts and devices a breeze. With anytime, anywhere access, the mobile app integrates email, calendar and contact data from multiple accounts into one mobile app, making it easier to manage those interactions.  Users can manage their personal and business communication from their desks and while on the move. It’s like having powerful desktop email at their fingertips.

Leverage your Brand with Mobile App and Mobile App Plus

  • Private–label solution extends your brand into mobile
  • Valuable service lets users manage their digital communications – all from one, easy-to-use app
  • Advanced technology delivers anytime, anywhere, to smartphone users across all synced devices
  • Automatic synchronization of email, contacts and calendar so information is always up to date
  • Excellent tool to build brand loyalty and engagement


Mobile App

The Mobile App is loaded with advanced mobile technologies and capabilities, including: 

  • Unified Inbox  combines emails from multiple email accounts into one app, allowing users to view messages in one unified inbox or each  account separately.
  • Smart Search Technology allows users to find any email, contact or attachment quickly and accurately, whether it’s stored locally or on the server.
  • Quick Filters display emails the way users want to see them. Sort email using multiple filters, including Note to Self; From Sender; Unread; Starred; With Attachments; Date; and other criteria.
  • Drive storage enables users to save files to the cloud or to attach them to emails quickly and easily, without requiring ever having to leave the app.
  • Offline Access  enables users to read previously downloaded email even when they are not connected to the Internet.
  • Multiple Signatures give users greater flexibility on how to sign-off on emails. Users can create and assign different rich text signatures for each account, giving them full control. 
  • Rich Text Editor with Emoji make email stand out. Users can bold and italicize phrases, highlight or change text color using the app's WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Highly-sophisticated security features, including OAuth 2.0, SSL, and highly encrypted passwords, keep email private and secure.
  • Integrated In-app Support Online FAQ provide help and assistance, when needed.  The Support Center includes a robust How-To section, FAQs, a Trouble-shooting Guide, and a link to the Support Form, ensuring users get the most of their mobile email experience.

Mobile App Plus

In addition to the already feature-rich Mobile App, Mail2World also has released Mobile App Plus, the premium version of the mobile app, for organizations that want to also include Cloud Storage and Synchronization to their mobile offering.  Mobile App Plus goes beyond the basics by enabling users to store music, videos, photos and documents in a cloud; ensuring content is protected and accessible. The addition of cloud storage increases app usability, and ensures content is available across multiple devices.

Select the service that's right for your users:


Mobile App for your basic data needs, including Email, Contacts and Calendar.


Mobile App Plus to include basic data, plus back-up of Documents, Photos, Audio           and Video.




Mobile App Product Sheet 



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