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Mail2World currently manages an average of more than 350 million email messages per day. Managing the large volume of email requires having a robust Spam and Virus Protection system.  The Mail2World Spam & Virus Protect System™ is a powerful, proven spam and virus filtering system that deflects  98.2 percent of spam and virus attacks, thereby ensuring our customers are protected from any threats.

The foundation of our protection system is an extensive set of filters that are continuously monitored, edited and updated by Mail2World’s dedicated team of anti-spam and anti-virus specialists.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Multi-pass, real-time black list (RBL), directory harvest attack (DHA), bulk detection and content diagnosis filtering deflect 98.2 percent of spam attacks before they reach your system, reducing bandwidth and server hits
  • 99.99 percent false-positive protection ensures legitimate email messages are delivered
  • Detection and removal of internal sources of spam prevents abuse of your communications network
  • Customizable threshold levels and indication through subject-line tagging, message header or message quarantine
  • Safe list and block list features give priority to safe list entries
  • Inner file scanning fingerprints forbidden attachments
  • Anti-virus filters are updated automatically every 30 minutes to keep pace with new and evolving virus attacks
  • Impenetrable channel encryption ensures message content is invulnerable to unauthorized access during transmission
  • Easy Web access to quarantine server for user or administrator review of suspicious emails

Pre-protection Filtering

The System’s first layer of defense includes a protocol filter, SMTP security, reverse DNS lookup, block scan attack, real-time blacklists, connection limits, message relay and block connections. 

Automatic Anti-virus Updates

The System updates virus signature databases automatically every 30 minutes, protecting your email communications against fast-moving new viruses as they are discovered, without any intervention from an administrator. 

Sequential Content Analyzer

This filter automatically refreshes itself as often as every 15 minutes, allowing the System to easily identify and block the latest forms of disguised email spam and malware as well as forecast and prevent new spam and virus attacks. 

Impenetrable Channel Encryption

Before an email is sent, the System queries the receiving email server to confirm support for encryption. Fully encrypted channels ensure that email messages are sent via an impenetrable connection to the intended recipients, so email content is invulnerable to unauthorized access during transmission. 

Flexible Access Parameters

Our System includes customizable controls that include domain-level quarantine access for users and administrators through a Web email interface.


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