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Attracting new customers can be difficult.  Keeping them happy and loyal is even harder.  As users become more technologically advanced, customers are demanding more sophisticated tools to enhance and simplify their digital interactions.  We can help.


As the user’s initial point of entry to the Internet, (ISPs), Multi-service and Mobile Network Operators are in a unique position to capture user attention and fulfill customer demands.  Designed and architected specifically for high-volume service providers and their consumer/residential and business customers, Mail2World provides advanced web and mobile solutions that service providers need to build customer loyalty, increase subscriber ARPU and reduce churn. 


Mail2World’s Hosted Email Platform email platform is scalable, secure and fully customizable―yet simple to deploy. Mail2World’s flexible email architecture allows you to define modular feature components for existing or new customer solution packages. By integrating our email services, you also enable your organization to refocus internal resources on core business and strategic initiatives. 


Mail2World Web and Mobile Email

  • Modular and Scalable
  • Seamless Integration, including provisioning, billing, support and store front
  • No Hardware or Software to purchase, install or maintain
  • Full administrative control via an Online Control Center
  • One affordable monthly fee
  • Real-time reports and statistics 



  • Powerful Web and mobile email features, such as shared calendars and folders, full text search, email-to-SMS, contacts manager, language translation, blog and RSS 
  • Mobile Sync, a mobile application that integrates personal and business email, contacts and calendar into one interface that reflects your company’s brand
  • Access to email through any Web browser via a PC or mobile device [WAP and Touch screen] or fully branded MobileSync Smartphone Application [Android, Apple, Windows Mobile]
  • Multilingual messaging via an email interface in 13 languages, instant message translation tool  and a virtual keyboard for easy typing into other languages
  • Spam and virus protection to protect employees from viruses and unwanted clutter
  • Real-time reports and statistics, via a user-friendly online Admin Control Center
  • Advanced search capability, including keyword search of email recipients; subject; content and attachments
  • Robust rules engine, allows management of end-user preferences, including parental controls, email archiving, retention policies, “white list” send/ receive, and email delivery limits
  • Customized navigation to include important company links to departments and other resources
  • 24-hour Customer Service including a multi-lingual support documentation library, and online email support ticketing system
  • Promotional Opportunities via customized welcome and landing pages, pre-populated calendar, automated reminders, banner ad placements and more
  • Revenue opportunities, such as broadband and data packages which bundle additional Mail2World services, such as MobileSync, Unified Social Access, SMS Forwarding, Email-to-SMS Text Messaging and Premium email upgrades
  • Spam and virus protection using Mail2World's industrial anti-spam and anti-virus filters


Technology [IT]

  • Flexible architecture featuring REST and http APIs to enable full customization and integration of email technology into existing environments
  • Advanced technology, using industry-standard Web technologies (HTML 5, Web 2.0, AJAX, ASP.NET 2.0, RSS/ATOM, iCal)
  • Massive scalability designed to handle hundreds of millions of mailboxes for maximum growth, scalability and reliability
  • SMSC Gateway integration, which provides seamless communication and flexibility 
  • Specialized data migration tools and consultants assist implementation and transition to the new email system
  • Reliable performance using a carrier-grade architecture that delivers industry-leading reliability (99.995 percent guarantee) and service in accordance with strict, contractual service level agreements (SLAs)
WebMail V12 Product Sheet

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