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Every alumni association faces the challenges of keeping members motivated, attracting new members and generating revenue to support the organization’s goals.  We have a solution.


Branded with your school's logo and colors, M2W Email for Alumni is a feature-rich Email solution that integrates seamlessly into an existing alumni portal environment. This global, hosted email is modular, scalable and secure ―yet simple to deploy. It also provides a powerful marketing tool to attract new members; energize existing members; and support your organization’s fundraising efforts.


Feature Highlights for Alumni Members

  • Powerful Web and mobile email features, such as shared calendars and folders, full text search, email-to-SMS, contacts manager, language translation, OutlookSync, blog and RSS. 
  • Mobile Sync, a fully branded smartphone application that provides an integrated email application with automatic two-way sync and backup or all Alumni and university related item [email, contacts, calendar] for the member.  
  • Access to email through any Web browser via a PC or mobile device [WAP and Touch screen] or fully branded MobileSync Smartphone Application [Android, Apple, Windows Mobile].
  • Multilingual messaging via an email interface in 13 languages, instant message translation tool  and a virtual keyboard for easy typing into other languages.
  • Spam and virus protection to protect alumni from viruses and unwanted clutter.
  • Customized Navigation Ability to include important links to alumni organization departments and other resources
  • Unified Email and social access for consolidating user email addresses and social networking services (SNS) into school’s alumni messaging email center.
  • Promotional Opportunities via customized welcome and landing pages, alumni newsletters and automated reminders.


Feature Highlights for Administrators

  • Real-time reports and statistics, via a user-friendly online Admin Control Center.
  • Robust rules engine, allows management of end-user preferences, including parental controls, email archiving, retention policies, “white list” send/ receive, and email delivery limits.
  • Communication tools to send announcements; pre-populate shared calendars; and share public folders.
  • 24-hour Customer Service including a multi-lingual support documentation library, and online email support ticketing system.
  • Premium services: Ability to create and bundle multiple email offerings to alumni network (e.g., email forwarding premium upgrade options).



  • Flexible architecture featuring REST and http APIs to enable full customization and integration of email technology into existing environments.
  • Advanced technology, using industry-standard Web technologies (HTML 5, Web 2.0, AJAX, ASP.NET 2.0, RSS/ATOM, iCal).
  • Massive scalability designed to handle tens of millions of mailboxes for maximum growth, scalability and reliability for the alumni organization.
  • Specialized data migration tools and consultants assist implementation and transition to the new email system.
  • Reliable performance using a carrier-grade architecture that delivers industry-leading reliability (99.995 percent guarantee) and service in accordance with strict, contractual service level agreements (SLAs).
Alumni Members Product Sheet


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