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Mail2World's Shared Folders provides a safe, convenient, online file cabinet for storing and sharing digital files, such as photos, MP3s, documents, movies and programs. As an important tool within Mail2World’s Email Platform, Shared Folders allows users to store and share files with friends, family and business associates all over the world. 


Shared Folders automatically extracts attachments from email into folders. Once digital files are inside, users can perform a number of tasks, such as moving files into public of private folders; podcasting music; editing photos; making notes in documents; compressing files for faster downloading and more.  Users control who has access.


Feature Highlights

  • Group sharing of folders or attachments with permission rules and storage settings
  • Filtered format views for quick access: files, images, videos, audio, documents, ZIP files or programs
  • Multiple file views: thumbnails, details and icons
  • Ability to attach files from 10 social networks and/ or user’s computer
  • Photo editing tools, including Blur, Sharpen, Grayscale, Red-eye Removal, Image Cropping and Color Correction
  • Photo viewing tools: Zoom In, Zoom Out, Vertical Flip, Horizontal Flip and Photo Slideshowalt
  • Close integration with messages and contacts: users can save attachments from messages; attach multiple files to a message; or use FTP and drag-n-drop uploading
  • Auto-zip/compress multiple files upon downloading for faster download
  • Sorting and indexed searching
  • Integrated podcasting
  • Keyboard shortcuts 

















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